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Bitfi was designed with
security features

Bitfi was designed with state-of-the-art security features so that even if you are doing a transaction for hundreds of millions of dollars Bitfi will safeguard your money and insure that the products or services you paid for are delivered as advertised. It is impossible for funds sent through the Bitfi system to be stolen or diverted because when you send payment, your Bitcoin is stored in the blockchain itself. Each holding address where you send your payment is set up so that only two outcomes are possible: Bitfi stavvff can either 1.) return money to original sender (buyer) or 2.) forward the money to the seller once they perform their obligations. Nothing else can be done or any other outcome caused by anyone.

Privacy & impenetrable security

Privacy and Security

Bitfi does not have, store, or have access to the private keys for which your Bitcoin is stored. Therefore there is no way that any external or internal threat can cause the money to be diverted. Our own staff do no shave the ability to access the funds that have been sent through the Bitfi system. The Bitcoin blockchain itself has impenetrable security and the likelihood that someone can enter a Bitcoin address and access funds is about the same as winning the lottery 1000 times in a row.

Information protection


The other security features are designed to protect information that is collected from you. This is usually whatever information that is entered to complete a purchase, such as your name, email, and shipping address. This information is stored on a Microsoft Azure server that has been certified and regularly monitored for weaknesses.