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If you don’t already have Bitcoin and want to get it quickly without lengthy processing from an exchange, you can purchase Bitcoin directly from our partner BTnox.

BTnox provides OTC trade settlement and access to deep liquidity with competitive rates and very low fees. At this time, the minimum Bitcoin purchase serviced by BTnox is $5,000 USD. Most importantly, BTnox can process your trade usually within 24 hours of receiving your information.

Likewise, if you need to sell Bitcoin, a member of the BTnox OTC trading team will convert your Bitcoin to USD at the most competitive rates.

You can purchase Bitcoin by following the steps below. You will need to specify your wallet address where you want your Bitcoin delivered. We recommend a Coinomi or Blockchain wallet for your Android or Apple phone (for sums less than $20,000) and we recommend that you create a paper wallet for larger amounts.

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If you are new to bitcoin:

How to use Bitcoin Wallet?

Learn how simple it is to use a Bitcoin wallet.

How to create paper wallet?

Learn how to create a paper wallet.

Payment can only be made by wire transfer. Once your wire transfer is received by BTnox then you can convert funds to Bitcoin right away.

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Disclaimer: BTnox operates in compliance with Federal and State laws and regulations. We are required to adopt Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer Policies to prevent and mitigate certain risks and violations. At this time, we are unable to service customers who are residents of the the following states: IA, ME,NY, NH, CT, HI, GA, NC, NM and WA. We are in the process of reviewing bit-license requirements in those states and hope to be able to serve you in the near future.

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