Enter your DEVICE ID to begin a new dashboard and create your wallet.

Create a new wallet

Make sure that your Bitfi device is on, connected to WiFi, and displaying the current BTC price. Type your Device ID (displayed on your device screen) into the field above and click the CONTINUE button.

You will now see an instant pop-up on your device screen: ADD NEW ADDRESS? Press YES, CONTINUE then enter your desired secret Salt into the first field and your desired secret Phrase into the second field. Your device will now derive public addresses from this Salt & Phrase and your wallet is now created and ready for use.
It's imperative you understand the following when using the wallet.
1. Your sole responsibility as a user is to know your Salt & Phrase and to make sure that no one else does. As long as this condition is satisfied, your funds will remain safe and accessible forever. No other factor has an impact on the safety and accessibility of your funds.

2. Your wallet is the Salt & Phrase. It is not the Dashboard or the device you are holding. The device stores no data of any kind and does not need to be kept in a safe place. Only your Salt & Phrase needs to be kept safe (as it is the wallet itself). You can use any Bitfi device to interact with your wallet, just enter your Salt & Phrase and it will derive a key for any currency you are using. This is not a device dependent wallet. (It may help to think of a calculator as an analogy; an input of 5 x 6 will produce an output of 30, it doesn't matter which calculator is being used. Just as the input of Salt x Phrase = private key for any currency you are using on any Bitfi device).

3. Review the Quick Start Guide to ensure that the Salt & Phrase you are using has appropriate entropy. When done right, it will have greater entropy than 24 BIP-39 words but will be short enough to remember and type quickly. Making either the Salt and/or Phrase unnecessarily long will make the wallet impractical to use without any additional meaningful protection.

4. If you are not happy with your wallet (Salt & Phrase) after creation, you can create a new one. You can create an unlimited number of wallets (Salts & Phrases) with your device.

5. It is up to you to decide whether or not you should make a back-up of your Salt & Phrase (write it down in a secure place). Some users choose to have their Salt & Phrase only in their mind (leaving no attack surface) while others worry about memory loss and create a secure back-up. Everyone has different needs and circumstances and therefore you should configure your security according to what best meets your needs. You will be able to make this determination after using the wallet and becoming familiar with its operation.

If you have any questions please email support@bitfi.com