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With DMA-4 all Bitfi firmware is delivered as a single firmware package, different from its predecessors where package A (NoxAdmin) has been responsible for enforcing device management policies, then updating and launching package B (BitfiWallet). DMA-4 retires the latter and incorporates both management and wallet tasks in the admin process, ultimately allowing for proper firmware transparency with developers and much desired user control over updates.

Using its default settings DMA-4 will download an available update when the device is idle, then place it in a temporary session where it will await user consent before it may be committed to the device. If on a metered connection it might be preferable to switch off “Allow Download”, doing so means package downloads become disabled but the device continues checking for updates. In any case, DMA-4 will inform the appropriate action when a new version becomes available, and it will always ask you before installing.


We have extended device updates in an effort to address user requests for personal ability to deliver firmware, this feature enables PC updates over a local network and is primarily intended to accommodate those who have expressed some desire to hash the update package or explore the archive before updating.

To use this, download the Rokits application to a Windows system and connect your Bitfi device to a Wifi access point on the same network as your PC, first supply Rokits with both the package file and signature provided here, then click 'START UPDATE', next select 'ACCEPT CONNECTION' in your device firmware settings.

Whenever you open Rokits it will create a new self signed certificate and display a hash of the public key, and your device should prompt you with the same key before you confirm the connection. You may upgrade or replace the existing package, you will not be able to downgrade.