Open Source

We welcome all developers and Bitfi users to our Development Resources system at This includes transparent web service, app sources, project downloads, device message chain and much more. You can examine download packages and emulate devices. This allows developers, including developers from currencies and assets supported by the Bitfi wallet to supervise and monitor code before updates go to devices. In keeping with the principles of blockchain, our roadmap and infrastructure is being built so that it doesn’t matter who is running Bitfi and who might be working here in the future.

Events that occur between each device and Bitfi infrastructure are posted on the transparent web stream. Users can post questions from device which authenticates the message with the devices internal private key. Then view responses at Any developer can respond, not just Bitfi in house developers.

If you choose to use this system for support, you never disclose anything personal (like email address or phone number) and remain totally anonymous as your issue is resolved. Users who desire maximum privacy can use this system instead of calling or emailing us and we never know who you are.