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The Bitfi hardware wallet is a breakthrough technology that offers a rare combination of the most advanced security (better than any form of cold storage) for private and enterprise use and is remarkably simple to use requiring no tech knowledge at all.

Setting up and using the Bitfi wallet is as easy as 1, 2, and 3:

Step 1

Go to to set up your Dashboard (you can do this on a computer or smartphone) where you will view all of your cryptocurrencies, crypto assets, and activity in a simple and intuitive interface. All of the information displayed here is just a current scan of public blockchains.

Step 2

Connect your Bitfi device to WiFi and use it's “DEVICE ID” in the dashboard, your device will then prompt you to complete registration by adding your initial payment addresses.

Step 3

Set your SALT and PASSPHRASE. The instructions for setting your secret phrase can be seen here. This is the most critical step in setting up your Bitfi hardware wallet and as such you should give this section the most attention. The phrase that you set for your wallet is what controls all your money and assets and if you do this properly the phrase will offer impenetrable protection (better than any other form of cold storage) and simultaneously give you the option to commit this phrase to memory so that there are no long term security weaknesses. If you give this some thought and effort, you can easily store millions of dollars with greater security than any bank account or vault on earth.

You are now ready to use your wallet. Whenever you need to do anything that requires authorization, like sending funds out of your wallet just press “OPEN WALLET” on your device and then initiate the transaction from the Dashboard. You will then see a pop-up appear on the device asking you to approve the transaction with your secret phrase.

No matter how many cryptocurrencies and crypto assets you are storing in your wallet, the same secret phrase will forever give you full control over these assets (and future assets) and offer better protection for your wealth than any bank vault on earth. If you can memorize your secret phrase, you can now store unlimited amounts of wealth in your brain.

And of course the Bitfi algorithm is completely open source so even if Bitfi no longer exists, you can still always access your funds and calculate your private keys (your private keys are NEVER stored anywhere except your own brain, and this is precisely why the Bitfi wallet is unhackable. These tools simply allow you to calculate your private keys if necessary) either on GitHub or at